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Is your child thriving or are they just surviving?

Discover the power of mindfulness for your child

Many schools are online, and children are feeling stressed, overwhelmed and depressed.

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From USA Today:

"In normal times, many schools didn't deliberately set aside time for teaching non-academic "soft skills" such as empathy, determination and self-care. That makes ramping up the focus in a virtual setting, amid a set of challenging circumstances, even more daunting.”

This “new normal” is starting to have a serious effect on their ability to stay happy and positive. That’s where I come in. I’m Monica and I help people find calm, peace of mind and purpose through mindfulness.

I teach kids tools and techniques to help them calm their anxieties and retrain their brain for positivity.

What that means is, a lot of kids, especially during this pandemic situation, are having negative thoughts about what’s going on in the world and their place in all of this, fears and uncertainty about health issues for their loved ones and themselves and anxieties and nervous, scary thoughts about uncertainty in the future.

So how can I help your child?

7 ways Mindfulness helps kids:

  1. It gives kids the habit of focusing on the present moment and ignoring distractions.
  2. It teaches them to stay calm during stressful
  3. It creates good habits for the future.
  4. It promotes happiness by lowering social anxiety and stress.
  5. It promotes patience.
  6. It can improve better grades by strengthening executive functionsin their brain like cognitive control, working memory and cognitive flexibility.
  7. It can improve attentiveness and impulse control.

My role as a mindfulness coach is to teach them how to

  • Observe those negative thoughts without judging them,
  • Give themselves the gift of self-compassion and self-kindness,
  • Help them recognize what thoughts don’t serve them and replace them with more positive thoughts which leads to a drop in their depression and anxiety.

Parents are working full-time while balancing work and homeschooling tasks.

Many schools are online, and children are feeling stressed, overwhelmed and depressed.

I do this by

  • Being an Empathetic Listener– I’m an empath and an introspective person by nature. I have an intuitive nature that helps me understand my clients’ emotions. I am gentle, patient and understanding with my clients. I open my heart to fully understand my client’s experiences and problems. 


  • Being Supportive – I’m a natural supporter and motivator. I’m strong at reflective and active listening and I’m good at analyzing the motivations behind behaviors and thought processes that trigger them. I have a gentle, patient and understanding nature that helps me connect with my coaching clients. I open my heart to fully understand my clients’ experiences and problems.


  • Being Motivating – I use my unique skills as a former dancer and actress to wear many different hats and unearth my client’s unique mindfulness skills, traits and abilities to serve them best. My talent as an introspective mind whisperer helps kids of all ages to relax and feel comfortable with me as if they’ve known me for years.

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  • 20 minutes where I teach 2 mindfulness activities to help your child observe his/her breath, and any thoughts that come up.
  • I’ll talk them through a guided meditation activity to help with visualization which decrease scary or negative thoughts.