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Depression, Anxiety, Stress.

These are the top 3 mental health problems that have greatly increased over the past few months. Become resilient, focused and centered and find personal power through meditation.

The Mindfulness Remedy

“When you run after your thoughts, you are like a dog chasing a stick: every time a stick is thrown, you run after it. Instead, be like a lion who, rather than chasing after the stick, turns to face the thrower.

Target – Aim for a goal, set an intention for your practice

Technique – Habits, skills and tools to learn and practice daily to change the functioning of your brain

Transformation – Grow, change and heal to become a happier healthier and better you

Just under half the time, 46.9% to be exact, people are doing what’s called ‘mind wandering‘. They are not focused on the outside world or the task at hand, they are looking into their own thoughts. Most of this activity doesn’t make us feel happy.

Upwards of 90% of the energy consumed by the brain is used to support the Default Mode Network.

Mindfulness helps you conserve that energy and transform it into conscious mental power so that you can adjust your reactions to difficult situations, think more clearly and

Mindfulness gives you the power to choose your thoughts, your actions and therefore, your results in life.

Your results in life become your legacy, your gift to the world and your purpose.

Thoughts – Actions – Results

I’m Monica Graham. I help people find calm, peace of mind and purpose through mindfulness. I’m a certified Mindfulness Coach and Life Coach trained by Transformation Academy and Mindful Schools. I’m a certified Health Coach by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I’m a yoga fitness instructor trained by National Council of Certified Personal Trainers and YogaFit. I have an M.A. in Clinical Psychology in Education from Teachers College at Columbia University and a B.F.A in Musical Theater from Howard University.

I’ll teach you mindfulness techniques to help you:

Increase Your Happiness and Well-being

Improve Focus and Concentration

Find Calm and Peace

Become resilient

Boost Your Confidence

Decrease Anxiety and Depression

Improve sleep and cognitive functioning

  • 75% of insomniacs who started a daily meditation program were able to fall asleep within 20 minutes of going to bed.
  • 60% of anxiety prone people showed marked improvements in anxiety levels after 6-9 months.
  • Following a meditation program can lead to a 73% reduction in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) symptoms

Meditation is so amazing that it has actually been shown to alter your brain to improve your memory.

The problem is:

  • 33% of people don’t know how
  • 27% don’t have enough time for it
  • 25% don’t believe it’s beneficial

But how can it help if you don’t actually try it?

  • Make meditation a daily part of your day by taking my online 3-day Mindfulness Challenge.
  • Learn different meditation techniques and find the best technique for your unique needs and personality.
  • Use Mindfulness to explore hidden beliefs that hold you back in life.

Mindfulness on Purpose

Your mind is a complex and intricate combination of pathways, connections and memories. Mindfulness helps to reorganize your thoughts in a way that can help you to become a better version of yourself. Together, we will use mindfulness to unlock the power of your mind, achieve your goals and live a happier life.

If you’re ready to level up your current way of doing things and step your brain into neuroscience-backed methods to hack your life purpose, relationships and inner self, sign up for my online course to live your wildest dreams.