The Zen Weight loss Remedy

What is Zen Eating?
The art of slowing down, observing your thoughts and eating what your body is actually begging for!

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Do you remember the first time
you ate a meal and completely
forgot every bite?

You’re not alone. It’s called mindless eating. 
We’re all about the opposite, zen eating.

Research tells us that we spend about half (46.9%) of our time with a wandering mind, drifting away from what we’re doing. This means that we’re not present half of the day, missing out on an entire half of our lives! The product of mind wandering is weight gain, obesity and the loss of connection to our body.

Zen eating is the act of deliberately paying attention to thoughts and sensations while we’re eating without judgement or attachment, allowing your mind to focus on the present. It helps you conserve the energy you’d lose when mind wandering and transform it into more productivity and, consequently, more happiness. It helps you focus your attention, observe thoughts and feelings and become more aware of what’s happening at the moment both internally and externally.

A Weight Loss Program That Actually Works

There’s always that one friend who swears by the herbal cleanse. And the other one who religiously ate nothing but broccoli for a whole month, dropped 20 pounds, got promoted at work and found the love of her life. Sounds perfect, right? Well, we can’t all have the same roadmap. So, before you splurge on broccoli and chug down a ton of herb smoothies, let us help you lose weight in a way that actually works?  



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